About Our represented artists in the Music, Dance, Theatre, Film, Art and Design industries.

Pic 1Our MUSIC and DANCE artists perform at the finest venues and the leading festivals and stages in New York City, LA and across the United States. As well as internationally.

Our ARTISTS (visual designers, artists, photographers, computer animation professionals, and more) features their work and designs in the pages of the nation’s leading newspapers, magazines and publications, in addition to frequent gallery and museum exhibitions.

Our FILM PROFESSIONALS AND ACTORS have starred, shoot and directed in numerous feature films and theatrical productions.

Hypercolor - Tzadik Records

Dimyon - 9 Volt (New York Times feature)
Adam Matta Eyal Maoz Duet - Extreme Dance Music
Guy Barash - composer

Edom - middle eastern rock ensemble

Rick Parker - trombone, composer

Crazy Slavic Band - east European ensemble

Brian Marsella - keyboardist, composer

Sharron Sulami - vocalist, bassist and composer (Pink Noise).



O1 (Artist) Visa Sponsorship is Available for qualified artists.



News & Events' History


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  • Abraxas, playing the music of John Zorn: European tour: May 19-29, 2016.
  • January 15 2015 at Nublu!
    At 62 Ave. C. New York City, NY 10009: Our special night of music featuring 9 Volt, Crazy Slavic band and Matta-Maoz duet - Extreme Dance Music
  • Edom at the Official Phish After Party, with Cyro Baptista's Beat The Donkey with very special guests Jennifer Hartswick, Natalie Cressman and James Casey from The Trey Anastasio Band & featuring Hassan Hakmoun.
  • 2014 - Eyal Maoz residency at The Stone Concert, New York City - July 2014
  • 2013 - Praxis String Quartet at Spectrum
  • 2014 NYC Winter Jazz Fest presenting : Abraxas

    January 11, 2014

  • OutNow Recordings Showcase Evening Featuring 9 Volt. At ShapeShifter Lab
    18 Whitwell Place, Brooklyn, New York 11215
  • Tzadik Festival:
  • Edom + Kohane Of Newark at Bar R - Manhattan
  • Rick Parker and Eyal Maoz at The Tank
  • Olive Branch Festival - New York City. May 2013
  • Theatre: American Jornalero @ INTAR Theatre
  • Jubilee! Dance and Theatre at Ballys, Las Vegas.
  • Amos Elkana, Eran Sachs, Yaaki levi at The Tank.
  • Edom at The Stone, Manhattan
  • Prawech Pranaprom Solo Art Exhibition at OVED & OVED.
  • Mastery Productions at LRS Radio - lower east side, Manhattan - weekly artists feature and daily jazz and insatrumental music 8-11 AM.
  • Praxis String Quartet:
    Sunday, Feb 26, 7 pm. Brooklyn Conservatory (58 7th Ave, Brooklyn, New York City)